Monday, April 9, 2012

Sorry guys, Miley Cyrus is not engaged

As you might already know, freshmen get to (have to) live on campus their first year here at UNC. While the residence halls are soooo fetch, it can often times be an intimidating event to move to a new place and not know anyone. You might think you'll have to fend for yourself.
Other times, people think that bringing a pet will help them cope with a new environment. This is a really nice thought; however, the residence halls have a rule that unless your pet can live underwater for over two minutes at a time, your pet must stay at home (sorry air bud). Unfortunately, hermit crabs and turtles haven't always made the best companions.
(except for this guy)

Sorry we had to get that bad news out of the way first. Here's some good news: Even though animals are great, most of the time it's much more fun to have human friends! This is where UNC comes in. UNC makes it easy for you to make friends. It offers a plethora of learning communities so if you wanted to, you could live in a hall of people with similar interests as you.

Another great thing about UNC is the cornucopia of clubs and organizations. Get this, UNC has over 150! That includes the club I'm in, Challenge. As well as some other great ones as well like "illumiNerdy" and UNC Boarders. So whether you want to join a club like this:
or like this...

There is a club for everyone here! That's what I'm always encouraging people to do; find your community within the larger community. In the end, it's going to make all the difference in your college experience.

Later Days!

Monday, March 19, 2012

For Narnia! And for Aslan!

You know guys, before I came to UNC, (university of natural coolness as I like to say), I went to community college and lived at home with my parents. If you can relate to this experience, you probably understand that while parents are great and all, it's easy to get cabin fever. You're just a kid after all. A kid who needs their independence. As my friend Doug Funny once said, "we need more allowance yodelaihewho, why, because we do!"
Even when students come to college they still itch for adventure.  They look at the globes in the library and wonder, "why can't I be on the other side of this tiny sphere." If you have looked at that tiny sphere longingly lately, I got good news for you.
Here at UNC, we have the best study abroad in the UNIVERSE. Here's why:

-The national average for universities sending students to study abroad is hanging right around 1%.

-Here at UNC we send 13% of our students to study abroad.

-We have over 500 study abroad programs in 55 different countries

-It costs just about the same amount of money to study abroad as it does to stay on campus. In some places it can even be less expensive because of the cost of living

-We have a passport office right on campus in our Center for International Education

-We have brochures

If that isn't enough to convince you, then you probably wouldn't believe that the moon is made of cheese either.

Later days,

(Note: You cannot go to Narnia with the study abroad program...but you can with your imagination!)

Monday, February 27, 2012

I saw a wolf in the wild!

No, no guys, don't worry, there was actually no wolf at all (you can go ahead and put your silly team Jacob shirts away). Speaking of wolves, did you know that in fifth grade, my class mascot was the wolf? Oh really? I'm terribly surprised. Well now that we've made a nice segue (unfortunately not one of these bad boys)
let's talk about mascots. How ferocious can they really be, right? Well you've heard of the gators and the various array of large cats, but no other mascot can make you wet your pants faster than Klawz the Bear.
I know that you're terrified, but try to hold it together for the remainder of the blog. Here's a couple of shots that I found of Klawz in his natural habitat:

Is it just me, or is Klawz the Bear a real cutie pie? My point in all this is to really show you, that while there are some menacing mascots prowling around, none can stand against the majestic nature of the bear. Don't be fooled by the other bears either (cough, cough, Baylor). Sure they have a bear pit in the middle of their campus, but do they have a dead bear in their university center??? Because UNC does!

I think I've made my point.

Stay Beartastic,


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You can learn until your guts spill out

Going to school is great. At college, there is a wealth of knowledge! see what I did there? You can learn E=MC squared, the square root of 126,782, how to make a square deal with someone in the business world, or how our campus is not at all a square, but more of that shape that people use to represent infinity. One thing that college can't teach you however, is how not to be a square (a L-7 weenie if you will). While college is filled with learning that will no doubt help you for the rest of you life, sometimes, you have to attend the school of hard knocks at the same time to really learn how to navigate the jungle that is our lives. Perhaps you can relate to this young man.
The best nerds of all ever (46 pics)
I'm sure that he's a perfectly nice boy, but it's safe to say that he might not know how to relate to people at a high level (Beyond level 39 warlock). So here's a couple tips to help you be cool at school:

1.) On your first day, tell your teacher that they look like a celebrity. That usually gets a rise out of people. (Bonus points if they look nothing like them).
2.) Make sure to say obvious things that people just don't point out like: "wow, it's awkward and quiet in here", or "Gee Whiz, all the guys probably try to flirt with you because you're so pretty." People don't normally say what they're thinking, so it makes you different and bold.
3.) Ride a scooter around campus. Need I say more?

Well these should get you off to a good start. Good luck and make me proud you Masters of Cool.

Later days,

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Take a look, it's in a book, it's reading rainbow!

That title is what we tricksters like to call "the ol' bait and switch". That's right. Instead of talking about reading rainbow, this blog is going to be about something that the entire world, But mostly America can appreciate...THE SUPERBOWL. This year is shaping up to be a good old fashioned clash of the titans. Regardless of if you like football or not, chances are, you'll be watching the game. This year, I'll be cheering for my New England Boys. You see, I lived in New Hampshire during my psychological formative years (9-12). Who else would I cheer for?
There are plenty of decisions to make surrounding the game; who will you cheer for? What kind of chips and dip should you purchase? Is anyone going to bring mini corndogs? Perhaps the most important decision that surrounds the Superbowl is where you're going to watch it. You're superbowl watching experience could very well hinge on this decision.
For me, I'll be hanging out with the Challenge folk at Zoe's Coffee shop. Zoe's is a local hangout here in Greeley, CO. It's a hip environment located in the heart of downtown Greeley. College student's often times make this their regular hangout/homework spot. It also happens to be hosting a Superbowl party this Sunday. I look forward to hanging out with the Greeley community at Zoe's this weekend. I also know I'll enjoy watching my boys take home another Championship (on a side note, it makes me so sad that Rob Gronkowski is only 22 years old...if only all my talent wasn't squandered during my 7th grade "C" team football experience).
Well guys, get out there, laugh at commercials, eat some chips and corndogs, and enjoy yourself (responsibly)

I'm Outtie 5000,


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You won't go away empty handed...we're giving you a pair of hush puppies!

You know what the best part about college is?  LURNING!  Ah yes...the simple joy of taking part in a community that promotes brain activity.  Last blog I talked about how easy it is to learn with all the great professors here at UNC and the small classrooms.  Part of going to college is picking things up outside of the classroom as well. 
Since coming to college, my brother has figured out how to ride a ripstick. Go ahead and try to explain to me how this tool won't come in handy for the rest of his life.

Note: this is not my brother.
I've also picked up some nifty tricks of the trade since being at college. My friend brandon taught me how to juggle!

Note: This is not us juggling. Just making pancakes.
I've also been practicing cutting my roommates hair. (I don't have a picture for that).
This is just what college is about. Experiencing life with others and lurning. Just kidding. I know how to spell lerning.

Later days,

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Old Lady that Lived in a Shoe

What's up Team Pup N' Suds!

Well, it's that time a year again. That's right guys, it's time for me to decide where I'm going to live next year. There are a few different things for me to consider. Last year, I lived with my brother in the Coed Hause ( and that was so much fun. We also had a couple friends renting there a couple of doors down so we always had friends to hang out with.
This year, my brother and I have been living in a house with 7 other guys. Now I know what you're thinking...Yikes. Allow me to explain. Imagine this, nine guys, three bedrooms, three sets of bunkbeds. Now that sounds like a blast, doesn't it? Well maybe you're not convinced. The house has truly been a great experience. We play music together, we meet all together weekly, and we always have someone to play sports with or just talk to. It's nice to live in a house with some like-minded people and if nothing else, it will help you to grow. Plus the rent is under 200 dollars a piece. Can't really complain about that.
So as housing contracts are being drawn up, I find myself with a decision to make. My brother will be graduating this semester, so we won't be living together next year. I also don't really see myself back in the house next year either. This decision could be a bit daunting, but fortunately for me, UNC and Greeley do a great job of making so many different types of living situations available. I can check out to check out different houses or apartments, or I can go to to check out over 200 different properties available for rent in the Greeley area.
I love real estate in Greeley. A lot of properties have so much history tied to them and are loaded with character. I knew a girl who last year lived in "the pumpkin house" (named after its pumpkin orange paint). With all the different resources around, I have no doubt that I'll be able to find a great place to live and continue soul skating.

Later Days,